The INDO-AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS CLUB has been formed with the objective of creating an effective business, cultural and people-to-people link between India and Australia. The Club has been functioning with the support of an Advisory Board consisting of people with eminence and extensive experience in the Indo-Australian relations.

The Indo-Australian Business Club (IABC) provides the following services to its members:

  1. Business Networking Meet: IABC organizes Business Networking Meets (BNM) for the members to get enriched with information on the latest trends and opportunities in the Indo-Australian trade, investment, culture and education. The event also provides an opportunity for networking with the business community and government officials from both the countries.
  3. Membership Card: All members of the Club will get a membership card with their name/company name printed on it as an identity of their membership with the Club. The membership card can also be used for special discounts at selected hotels, airlines and other service providers in India and Australia.
  5. Business Matching: IABC provides a number of opportunities for Indian companies to find suitable business partners in Australia and for Australian companies to expand into the Indian market.
  7. Business Incorporation: The Business Club helps Indian companies to establish their office in Australia and Australian companies to set up their operations in India.
  9. Business Directory: All members will have access to the profiles and contact details of the members registered with the Business Club for promotion of their business with an exclusive login.
  11. Business Delegations: All members are welcome to join the Business Delegations to Australia organized by the Chamber for establishing direct contacts with potential business people in the country.
  13. Marketing Platforms:IABC has tied with the Australian e-commerce platform,, where all members can display their products, free of charge, for the first six months and can continue after six months at a reduced rate applicable to members of IABC.
  15. Education:IABC has a major focus on education and we help our members to get connected with the Universities and other Institutions for student enrolments and also help with collaborations and tie-ups in the institution level and with the corporate sector.
  17. Investment Facilitations: The Business Club help Australian corporate community and individuals to invest in India and also help Indian business community and individuals to invest in Australian business and properties.
  19. Tourism and Culture: The IABC is taking a number of initiatives to promote the tourism and cultural link between the two countries.
  21. Charity:All the members are welcome to associate with the Club to conduct various charity programs in India and in Australia.

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