Unlocking the Indo-Australian Business Potential....

Every successful journey begins from a starting point. That is where all the excitement and expectations, the euphoria and the momentum start building up.

I am extremely delighted to take charge as the CEO for Indo-Australian Business Club (IABC), an organization, which has been formed with the objective of fostering the trade, business, investment, education and people-to-people contacts between India and Australia.

Thirteen years of my professional life were wholly spent in identifying, pursuing and promoting Indo- Australian business opportunities. I made ten business visits to Australia, Interacted with over 2000 Australian companies spread across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

I had the opportunity to hand hold over 400 Indian companies in establishing their business in Australia. Most of these companies were small and medium enterprises. I often recognised that it is these SMEs who are truly the engines powering Indo-Australian business growth.

There could be hundreds of SMEs in the Indo - Australian space waiting to come to the limelight and add value to the expanding bi lateral business landscape. Most of them need some careful hand holding and some well-focused nurturing. That is the job, the Indo-Australian Business Club promises to do in the years to come. We have received overwhelming support from both the corporate and SME communities in the two countries.

I invite you to be a part of this exciting journey. Together we will build an Indo-Australian business movement that will be both exciting and profitable.



P. Santhosh
Chief Executive Officer